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Monday, July 10, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Another interesting collection. Nice that it actually useful from time to time too. It is amazing that your arrangement has lasted so long. I never have thought to put allium into a vase until the seed heads dry. Cool look. It makes me think shade.

Linda Brazill

That allium is 'Summer Beauty' and it is in lots of public gardens around here, so almost everyone I know grows it. It is a nice size and color for bouquets. I put it with some Astrantia and small Hosta blooms the other day and it looked great.


Ahah - your link was for the rainy post!!!

A collection of fans is such a priactical thng to have - far more than some collections ;) Your vase looks a sfresh as the day it was made - and doesn't the copper/brass work well with the contents? Thanks for sharing

Linda Brazill

Yes, I did post twice and then added that bit at the end of the rain post. Just a little Monday confusion!

Eliza Waters

Your arrangement from last week still looks great, Linda.
Your fan collection is charming and I expect it came in quite handy for your party. I have a few fans myself, collected in my younger years... a couple antique, my favorite being made of ivory and lace.


Your fan collection is way cool! Love your 4th arrangement in that gorgeous vase!

Kris P

The fans add a fun and decorative element to your summer decor. We were issued fans when we arrived at the Garden Bloggers' Fling, which came in quite handy with the swampy air in DC, but our fans weren't nearly as pretty as yours! I'm glad your early morning downpour didn't cause any significant damage, inside or out. We're unusually muggy here in SoCal but there's unfortunately no rain in the forecast for us along the coast.

barbara brazill

hey cousin! love those fans... and i, too, always tuck a folding fan into my purse when heading out on a sultry summer day/eve! ah, we are so alike! (i think it is about time that i comment now & then, as i frequently "visit" you at your marvelous blog. happy summer. xoxox

Linda Brazill

How is it possible we have all these similarities now, but I don't think we saw them in each other when we were young? Thanks for commenting. It keeps us close even at a distance.


The heat has hit us here as well, along with the bugs. A few fans would surely not be turned down!
Love the arrangement, I would have never chosen that palette and I think that's why arrangements all stay on the boring side!

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