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Thursday, July 06, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

What a nice occasion. Isn't it fun to see what other people see in your garden. Obviously you have some very talented friends.

Loree / danger garden

Seeing your garden the way another photographs it is always fun, your friends seem especially good at capturing things.

Barbara H.

It sounds like it was a delightful morning. How fortunate to have these lovely viewpoints of your garden and how extremely fortunate to have such a compatible group of people who get together on a regular basis. That's not always easy to find or do.

Linda Brazill

Tom is a great photographer. He usually goes to the Mississippi to photograph eagles which are always fun photos to see.

Linda Brazill

Tom is also really good at portraits. We've been going to have him take one of the two of us where we dress up and stay still! We have a number of nice pix that he's taken of us at parties.

Linda Brazill

This group of people all met because we sat at the same big round table at a local coffeehouse. Pretty soon we were going to movies, out to eat together etc. Now Mark and I host NY's morning brunch since the coffee shop is closed. We usually have a couple dozen people that we've become good friends with all from sitting together. Such a rare thing to happen once you are older and not working.


Such great images but with a garden as full of wonder as yours that wouldn't be difficult! The garden chat photo made me smile. Such a fun Saturday tradition.

Ann Bailey

Love your blog, Linda! Lucky to have such dedicated and talented friends!


How nice, you seem to have collected quite the talented crew there!
I love the waterlily picture and I would have thought for sure that waterfall was a natural one out somewhere in the woods. Beautiful.

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