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Monday, August 28, 2017


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Donna@Gardens Eye View

What a wonderful arrangement with the peaches and how sweet to receive a vase too!

Kris P

Much as I love that orange lily, the last vase was my favorite. Is the floral centerpiece another lily?

Linda Brazill

Yes, the last one is L. 'Black Beauty'.


Lovely flowers. Thanks for the book recommendation as well.


Your vases are interesting and all so different. I'm hungry now reading this and will have to go and look up the recipes.

Lisa at Greenbow

How nice that you still have lilies blooming. They look great in their vases. That orange lily looks good enough to eat. Happy IAVOM.

Eliza Waters

The lily in the polka dot vase is splendid, Linda. I love local peaches and this year has been fabulous! Yum! Thanks for the book review. I read 'H. Elegy' a while back and it does help to understand what the reality is.


I love that your entry covers so much...the flowers yes lovely, the book very interesting, and the recipe for Chickpea salad interesting...if you are thinking of preserves do try my recipe for courgette chutney:
I use it to mix with chickpeas for an instant tasty salad.

Linda Brazill

Thanks, sounds great.

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