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Friday, August 04, 2017


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Jane Miller

Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us--nice to know Wisconsin has its own little adirondacks. Loved the dessert presentation. Looking forward to the garden report.

Barbara H.

Wow, what a place. I'll have to research it a little. I'd love to stay there with my sisters.

Loree / danger garden

What fun! Thank you for the many, gorgeous, photos. I had hopes of getting away to the beach (the Pacific Ocean) this August, but plumbing work and a visit from the MIL have put an end to that.


What a delightful place and a grand way to step back in time. Books and games, one T.V. limited wifi sounds like heaven. Refresh my memory, a book is sort of like a kindle or smart phone but heavier and requiring light to decipher the words, right?

Linda Brazill

We all brought physical books, including hardcovers.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I have never heard of this place. I'm completely enamored.

Linda Brazill

You guys would love it.

Lisa at Greenbow

I am sure we would like this place too. It looks grand and sounds inspirational.

Linda Brazill

It really is a lovely place and would be perfect for a sisters' getaway. They have cabins that work for families and larger groups if you all want to be in the same space. You can also take the ferry off the island to drive to nearby spots or to rent paddle boats etc.


I have heard of this retreat over the years. Looking forward to your post regarding the grounds and gardens!


I can't wait for the next post. This is so beautiful.

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