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Tuesday, August 08, 2017


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Wow! And I don't usually share posts from my gardening blogs with my husband, but we're already scheming to see if we can get his parents (Madison) and sisters (Eau Claire & Minneapolis) to meet us there! It's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Brazill

Be sure to look at my first blog post about Stout's last week. We stopped in Eau Claire to visit a friend and from Stout's went on to St. Paul and then Red Wing, so Stout's would be a good location for all of you.


This is beautiful. Those paniculata hydrangeas on each side of the porch are incredible!

Loree / danger garden

What a perfect place to vacation. I've never heard of Aegopodium referred to as "snow on the mountain" sounds so much more delicate than that thug deserves!

Lisa at Greenbow

I can see why you, and no doubt many others, are drawn to these treasure islands. The gardens alone would be worth the ferry ride.
I noticed in the area with the Snow-on-the-mountain there was another thug...Canterberry bells. It is good they are contained there.


What a nice surprise that the gardens are as splendid as the lodge itself. So many treasures in your part of the country. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us!

Barbara H.

What a wonderful time I've had wandering about the gardens and east island with you. I think my favorite picture is the shadow of the bridge and Mark on the water. I don't think I'll ever make to Stout's Island Lodge in real life but I've truly enjoyed the visit via your posts.

Linda Brazill

i like that photo, too. When we are on a trip like that Mark takes loads of photos. so it is always a pleasure to have such a selection to pick from. These days I am taking more blog photos. Getting better but not in his league!

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Lovely gardens (and very befitting the locale) and stunning photos. Thank you for sharing!


Beautiful spot, and so serene. Amazing how she tends all those beds to such a high level of perfection!

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