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Friday, September 01, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

The photo really is dramatic with the dark sky and the capital building looks regal all lit up. I bet that was a good show. Nice that you attended. Your ticket prices weren't near the 8 and $9 mark this time. Still hoping for rain here. The place that officially records our rain had nothing but T marked down. I did have .7" one day in August. I have a few plants that aren't making it through this dry spell. Harvey has given us wind so far. I am still hopeful for some rain later on today. I hope you get your plants in before your next big rain.

Linda Brazill

I do hope you get rain soon. It is hard to enjoy gardening when it is too dry and you just know everything is stressed — including the gardener.


Wishing you some rain for that late summer planting! Dramatic shot of the dark sky & bright building.


It looks like you have seen some pretty good shows from what I can see in your ticket box. I have kept my ticket stubs over the years too. These days I like the ease of online ordering but I dislike the utterly lame printed tickets. A few venues around here still allow you to request real tickets to be sent via mail and I always take them up on it.

Barbara H.

Oh, those stormy, dark Midwest skies! They ARE dramatic, but also can be a little scary, especially when there is a greenish cast to the light. In my youth that meant tornado weather. So sorry you didn't get much rain from all the drama.

Linda Brazill

It's no fun without a real ticket stub. They are such great reminders.

Linda Brazill

Usually you need pretty intense heat along with a weird sky to be really scary. This was mostly dramatic. But I know what you mean.

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