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Tuesday, September 05, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

I luf the way it has crept between the boulders. Sweet.

Lisa at Greenbow

P.S. I don't remember seeing K palmata before?? It has a sweet bloom and I like the leaves.

Linda Brazill

I've been growing that Geranium for years. I had it in too much shade and it really took off when I moved it to the new driveway garden in 2015. But I have to laugh at that long trail of flowers which is not what I think of as Geranium behavior.

Loree / danger garden

Both lovely examples, I adore Kirengeshoma palmata.


I love how the Geranium wlassovianum is creeping through the rocks. It gives a garden an established feeling. I miss that in our garden. We're only on our second summer of gardening here, so it will happen eventually.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yes, it certainly appears those plants are happy in their "homes." Beautiful examples.


It's such a delight when the right plant finally finds the right place or so I've heard. You certainly have a couple of winning examples!

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