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Friday, September 29, 2017


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Barbara H.

Yes, we are getting very dry here, too, also with high temps though they will moderate at least for the weekend. You have some lovely flowering plants. I'm starting to focus more on planting shrubs but it's so nice to have those little pockets of flowers. Keeping my fingers crossed for better, wetter fall weather for us both.

Lisa at Greenbow

I feel your pain. What an awful few months we have had. Your poor hellebore making blooms already. It must be confused.

Loree / danger garden

Oh that picture with 'Lars' the Astrantia is fabulous!


Rain has returned here but it's still dry when you dig down a bit & the sprinkler still needs to be used in areas under thirsty tree roots. Geraniums are such undemanding workhorse plants! Hope your trillium holds those buds tight to the ground until spring!

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