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Monday, September 25, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

I love pottery and your collection of small vases are sweet. Trying to get a photo of any vase is difficult to me. Your statue looks to be a part of the stone fire place in this setting. Happy IAVOM.


I always like seeing a collection of vases as you have used today. Finding a suitable place and light for photography is always a problem for me too.

Linda Brazill

Plus there are only so many places in my house that I can get enough light for a good photo.


Your cool stoneware vase collection looks great together displaying the pretty pinks of autumn. Soon every tree will be firework displays of hot fall colors but this pastel pause is a delight. Love the sandstone Buddha's perfect placement!


I also like pottery of this type and especially the two on the left. I too struggle with light and bland backgrounds if I try to take photos indoors, which is why they are invariably taken in the garden - unless I am running very late or it is absolutely pouring! It's good to be able to showcase several little bits and pieces in a group of vases like this. Oh and I like your buddha too and the concept of a 'Mudra of Unshakable Self Confidence'

Linda Brazill

The Buddha does fit in that spot as if it were made for him. Now we just all need his unshakeable self-confidence.

Loree / danger garden

Wonderful "inspired by" vases. I think they look marvelous on your mantle.


The pinks and browns go well and it's good to showcase one colour. A great idea. Getting a good shot is not always easy, I often find I've got odd things in the background. I like them lined up like that.

Barbara H.

They are all lovely. I particularly like the composition in the 3rd photo from the top. The corner of the frame in the upper left juxtaposed by the small round bowl in the lower right frame the three vases and their flowers nicely. Well done!


Your little vases are lovely Linda and look great both indoors and out. I like your Buddha - goes perfectly in that spot. As the sun gets lower in the sky these days I expect I will also soon be carrying my vases around the house and garden trying to find a spot to photograph them!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

I love your collection of little stoneware vases....and perfect with autumn's pinks!

Amelia Grant

Lovely grouping of vases indoors and out. I haven't seen a Toad Lily in years! I love Buddha, wish I had one.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for your comment. It's interesting that everyone seems to like this grouping and I think I've almost always just used one of these at a time. Since they are small they tend to go in the bathroom or kitchen.


What a fun and effective way to display your blooms. Love the toad lily. The vases are wonderful, each one. The Buddha is intriguing. Off to look that up.


My you have a lot going on this week! I don't know which impresses me the most, I love them all!
I was just telling someone this weekend that I really wasn't into toad lilies but your little vase full has me reconsidering. The begonias as well, I've always looked down on them, but a few sprays in a vase take them to a new level!

Eliza Waters

What a treasure your Buddha is! You have quite a few treasures, I've noticed. :) I like the idea of multiple vases and one of these days I'm going to give a few of my small ones a turn.
I was reading the Anemones can be invasive, have you had that experience with yours? I'm thinking of getting some, but didn't want to regret it!

Linda Brazill

Yes, they do spread. Mine are not in great soil so they are not rampant. I would put them where you can easily hack off the edges if they spread.

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