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Monday, September 18, 2017


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Oh doesn't that look stylish, Linda! I have wondered about a cimicifuga here but they are just so TALL! ps you did not include a link in your comment on mine so I shall add it in for you

Lisa at Greenbow

Not only do I like their blooms but I love the foliage. Those leaves are such a pretty color. It appears that your scholar is also admiring the vase and Cimi.


Elegant in it's simplicity. Your wooden guest seems to be enjoying it quite a bit.

Linda Brazill

Lisa and Peter — The Big Guy does love his bouquets!

Eliza Waters

Simply elegant! I echo Peter and Lisa's comments regarding your scholar's appreciation for ephemeral art. :)


Lovely and simple!

Lovely and simple!

Loree / danger garden

Perfect placement.




Looks great indoors too.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

What a simple and elegant flower and plant for a is Cimicifuga!


An elegant vase Linda. I love Cimicifugas, but they don't like my garden! Does this one smell nice? I once had one that smelt of bubblegum! ;-)

Kris P

I love flowers that can make a statement like that with little or no help from accent plants. It's too bad Cimcifuga doesn't like my climate.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Beautiful! I don't have that cultivar, but I do have several patches of the straight species Actaea racemosa. Love it! Mine blooms in midsummer, and is definitely a focal point of the garden. Your arrangement with accompanying props is lovely. :)

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

This is so lovely. Simple so often is the answer.

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