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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


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Nice expansive views. It's clear that you've had rain this summer as everything is so verdant.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Great scenes. It's interesting that Peter said it looks verdant. I think so, too, but the touches of dry are obvious to me, too, because of our recent lack of rain. Record-breaking heat this week?

Linda Brazill

I agree. Sure is very dry and browning in my garden. I was surprised the country looked that good.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your country side looks good. I love the rolling hills. I can almost smell the dust and hear the corn ripening. The farmers are picking corn here.
We finally got a bit of much needed rain. Almost an inch. The garden has responded but under the trees the ground is already dry. Slurping up that rain. We also had a small earthquake yesterday. A busy morning weather-wise.

Linda Brazill

Yikes, an earthquake! We've had a couple of little ones over the years and they are creepy. At least with tornadoes you usually can tell when the weather is breeding them.

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