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Thursday, September 07, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

You did good. It will look super when all fills in. Just seeing the pile of roots makes me know that you worked hard. Root filled soil is the kind of soil that is difficult to work in. You are a busy lady. I am afraid I would have caved in the nursery full of all of those beautiful shrubs and trees. My plan would have went by the wayside.

Linda Brazill

I'm sure I would have bought some other things if Mark had not been with me!


Most impressive to me is your careful planning and sticking to the plan. The result is a calming and lovely continuity in your garden. I tend to buy whatever catches my eye and plunk plants in wherever there's a spot. (Garden Attention Deficit Disorder.) Congratulations on your self control and hard work; the moss garden looks great!

Linda Brazill

I just haven't posted about the part of the garden that exhibits GADD!

Loree / danger garden

Bravo! Your planning and hard work looks to already be paying off. So do you miss the moss?

Linda Brazill

Not much. I think I was ready to see the moss go when we decided to put driveway holding beds there. And we'd just lost one of our two apple trees. Surprisingly, different moss has colonized a long strip next to a row of stepping stones. It's thicker and brighter than the moss that's gone. Though right now the birds and squirrels are digging in this moss and flinging it everywhere looking for bugs.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Oh I love this. I think your instinct to simplify the planting was right on and I love the idea of meandering "line" of yew. That will be lovely. I'm impressed by your hard work! This time of year I do a lot of fiddling in the garden but it takes a lot of energy to talk myself into doing something that takes more oomph. As always, I'm envious of the great nurseries you have in your part of the state. Most of the ones around here seem to be down to a few scraggly daylilies and an endless supply of mums.

Barbara H.

You have great attention to detail, perseverance and the wisdom to alter the planting plan when needed as well as the oomph to get it all done. Good job, Linda.

Pam's English Garden

I am so glad you visited my blog, Linda, so I found yours! I love it. Hakonechloa macra plants are some of my favorites, especially as their color contrasts so nicely with the darker greens. I love the way you use the yew balls. And I do admire that you planted those shrubs yourself -- that was hard work. Well done. P. x

Beth @ PlantPostings

It looks great! I know what you mean about wanting calm areas in the garden. Regarding the Hakone Grass: I added a couple this year, and had to cage them because the rabbits were nibbling on them. What else is new? ;-)

Linda Brazill

I still have a pile of plants to get in the ground. Am watering at the moment as it is so dry. Boy, am I tired of seeing those pots of round heads of Mums stuffed with flower buds everywhere you look.

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