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Monday, October 23, 2017


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What a delightful fall arrangement. How long do they last? It would be wonderful to be able to grow these but I have never seen them growing anywhere.

Miller Jane

What a gorgeous display! I did grow these but unfortunately they tend to take over the garden.

Linda Brazill

I see them for sale at the local farmers markets but have never tried growing them. They last quite a while. I've had mine for at least a month in a vase with no water. A few of the end ones are losing color, so it will be interesting to watch them age.

Linda Brazill

Good to know. I had a vague feeling they were like bittersweet: something you never want to plant!


I love these. The cheerful orange lanterns are a joy of the season.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

What a perfect vase for autumn and I love the waviness ....really breathtaking!

Loree / danger garden

I've been tempted to make the purchase and I think your lovely display may have just pushed me over the edge!!

Linda Brazill

They're a bit awkward to work with since the stems are stiff. They were banded together in a bunch so I was not even sure what I had until I got home and went to work. A fun challenge.

Lisa at Greenbow

Every time I see these little orange lanterns they remind me of a time during my childhood when I would walk by the neighbors short wall and these would be cascading over the edge. I loved to pick them and expose the little orange seed inside. I am sure she didn't appreciate my picking at her flowers but I couldn't resist.
Love your arrangement and the vase is just perfect. Happy IAVOM.


Just right for this time of year.


I love this arrangement. :) I have them in my garden (given to me by a well-meaning neighbour) and would advise you to simply buy them from the market again next year rather than plant them as they are VERY invasive! ;-)

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

My mom grew these when we were kids. Does make me wonder why I don't. Quite pretty.

Kris P

I've seen those lantern-flowered plants in our local garden center but have never purchased them. Perhaps I should give the plant a try just to see how well they do here - my guess is that, like the potted chrysanthemums that appear around the same time, they're an expensive annual. They make a pretty - and intriguing - display in your home, especially backed by that wonderful plate.


Oh what a cheerful autumn display Linda which would light up the gloomiest day. I purchased a couple of stems of these earlier this month from a country market for the very same reason as you. I've always admired them from afar because of their reputed thuggish tendencies. Maybe time though to give them a go.

Eliza Waters

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved Chinese lanterns. I should look for some... they'd look great with my lunaria.

Linda Brazill

That plate is from Anthropologie where I don't buy many things. But I couldn't resist the size or colors.

Linda Brazill

Lots of commenters have said they are thuggish, so be careful.

Helen at Toronto Gardens

Chinese lanterns are magical, but really are best grown in OPGs (Other People’s Gardens). I like what you’ve done with yours.

Linda Brazill

OPGs! I have to remember that.

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