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Friday, October 20, 2017


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Kris P

As a native Californian, fall color isn't something we get much of. It's another on the list of things I wish my garden could offer but I'll settle for blogger posts like yours.


Beautiful, and after the drab start in S WI, this week has exceeded my expectations for autumn color.

Barbara H.

And lovely fall color it is, too. Falling behind on my reading so I'm going to work my way backwards. Happy fall!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yes, it seems like it happened overnight and is fading fast this year. I guess we knew that might happen with the weird weather. I guess we must be about at peak now.


Nice that you're finally getting some fall color. Sorry that means that your nights are getting cooler.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Lovely. The color is so late this year, but worse, I think it's just maybe not going to be so great. We took the boat up the coast for winter last week and usually that is the most spectacular view of color, but between the bare ash trees and the barely color-turning maples, it was a bit of a dud this year. Big wind predicted for tomorrow, so I suppose we'll lose many of the leaves that have turned.

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