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Monday, October 02, 2017


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Barbara H.

I don't know Linda, I thought they all looked pretty darn good. The carpet in the last one didn't work so well but the stand and flowers are lovely together. I was never a dahlia fan but I have come around over the years to a place of appreciating them much more.

Linda Brazill

Thanks, Barbara. I think I won't waste my efforts trying to grow them and overwinter the tubers indoors if I can buy gorgeous ones at the market for such a great price.

Pam's English Garden

Beautiful bouquets, Linda. I think my favorite is the carpet one above the shawl picture. I don't have good places in my house for photographing flowers, so don't do it very often. I agree with you that overwintering dahlias indoors is not worth the effort when you can buy inexpensive beauties at the market. P. x


Like Barbara, I like your arrangements in every setting, especially because we get to appreciate more of your cool stuff. You did a great job of adding things from your own garden to the soft pink dahlias and that container is way cool!

Linda Brazill

That is a ceramic container made by my best friend in college. Have enjoyed its presence in my house for almost 50 years (Yikes!).

Lisa at Greenbow

I enjoy any and all of the pictures. I agree with your assessment that the first two show off the flowers best but heck I like them all. It reminds me of why I don't usually do this meme. I can't hardly ever figure out where and how to photograph them. I am not a great photographer. Happy IAVOM anyway. :)


What a lovely blend of colours, Londa. Thanks for sharing

Linda Brazill

Check out Edinburgh Garden Diary blog. She's a professional photographer and her images are gorgeous. I just use my iPad and I get what I get — or not!

Loree / danger garden

I love seeing a bit of your process, and clearly I need to get to one of our many farmers markets before the dahlia wealth is all gone for the season.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

These are all gorgeous....each view making me wish I had grown some this year.


I can see that you were in a determined find the best way of showing off those lovely Dahlias...playing with flowers and setting up shoots, such fun from this simple IAVOM. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures.

Linda Brazill

I think this is the only meme where I ever spend a fair amount of time and thought on my post. Very addictive concept.

Kris P

You got a great deal on those dahlia stems. I love the bi-colored forms. Photographing things indoors is all about the light exposure I think - at least that's why I almost always photograph my flowers in my kitchen.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Nice! I'll have to hit the Farmer's Market again one of these days. I love Dahlias, and your combo is glorious. :)

Helen at Toronto Gardens

I love those coral-coloured dahlias in every context – and your soft yellows add just the right amount of sparkle. Photographing flowers can be challenging, because we're flattening something that is multidimensional.


You have a wonderful collection of colours and shapes, I'm not surprised you came home with them all. I find getting a good background tricky too. Most of my pictures are now taken against the kitchen panelling where all I have to do is move our toaster out of the way! :)

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