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Sunday, October 15, 2017


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I love this, because it gives me ideas to add more autumn color to my garden, which is sadly green and brown right now. I did just plant some new toad lilies yesterday that a friend passed along to me.


Impressive to have four (count 'em four) vases at this time of year. What an array of blooms and so nicely arranged. Happy GBBD!

Lisa at Greenbow

A good way to showcase flowers from the garden for both memes. I like that polka dot vase. It looks so perky as are all the flowers you have picked. It is raining here again today. Love it.

Linda Brazill

I was pretty surprised when I went looking at how many flowers I could find. Though you would never notice them if you were not looking.

Kris P

Combining the 2 memes was a great idea, Linda. All the arrangements are pretty but I admit a preference for the gift vase with the purple blooms. I do love those toad lilies as I expect I've said before.


What a great idea. I think I will go out and cut the remainder of my blooms this week and see how many bouquets I can get.


Such pretty blooms and so artfully arranged! I don't have much blooming in my garden right now either, but like you, we have gotten some significant rain the last few weeks. My garden is thrilled, and I'm so happy not to have to drag hoses around!


Linda, you still have quite a number of lovely blooms. Nice seeing them collected this way.


I am fascinated by that sort of packaging too, although I haven't seen much of it here - definitely the sort of thng you want to make good use of and you have indeed made an inspired background! I like the idea of grouping the remnants of colour in your garden like this and showcasing them together - thanks for sharing


A lovely little showcase of your highlights. I think I'll be doing that in a week or two. You'll be able to appreciate each little thing.

Eliza Waters

What sweet little treasures you've found in your garden, Linda. With each passing day there is less in mine. Soon I'm going to have to get very creative for Monday vases!
Leave it to an artist to see the possibilities with that paper wrap. We use it to kindle fires. ;)

Helen at Toronto Gardens

I wondered about the tulips, which might have been an interesting story if they'd come from the garden! Fall-blooming hellebore? Yes, please. You have quite a lot going on in your garden compared with mine!

Linda Brazill

My sister-in-law and I put together two bouquets for a memorial service for the mother of Dutch friends of ours. One vase had purple and white tulips and all kinds of toad lilies and ferns. The other had yellow tulips, my Inca Ice alstromeria and a few other things. Nice to be able to use their mom's favorite flower — tulips — and add fall garden flowers.

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