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Thursday, October 05, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Sweet bouquet. I too have been thinking art instead of garden due to the weather. I really think that this would have occurred even if it wasn't so dry. The shorter days force a longer period of time indoors which means more time to occupy oneself inside. Happy arting.

Linda Brazill

This continuing dry weather makes me want to just ignore the garden. The only thing I keep doing is watering but this week I should be getting bulbs in the mail. It's really too warm to be planting them but I am going to do so anyway. Hard to be enthusiastic about the garden when all you can see are chores. Happy arting to you too!


Perfect hydrangea placement. I love the way the bouquet elements work together and bring the warm colors of autumn inside your work space. Can't wait to see what you create!

Barbara H.

Well, it sounds like you are on a roll! The hydrangeas are perfectly placed and you are creating art. That all sounds good to me. It's been dry here, too, as well as to hot in the afternoons to work outside. I'm going to run a small sprinkler very low to hydrate a small area at a time. That way I will have more control over areas where I need to do some work.

Linda Brazill

i've been using a sprinkler that is low to the ground and I can position pretty well. I do one spot for 20-30 minutes and then move it with a bit of overlap. I am mainly concentrating on new plantings but there are a lot of them all over the place. The rain we were supposed to be getting this week has disappeared again.

Loree / danger garden

I love seeing people's work spaces and spotted that nice little bouquet right away. Andrew's basement studio is all destroyed right now as we have a half bathroom put in the basement. It would drive me crazy but he's still over there working and producing.

Linda Brazill

Usually Mark is the one making art down there. He can't decide if he's pleased that I am working or if he's freaked out that someone else is using the space. If I actually start making art we will have to create a mutual work space and that will create its own problems, I'm sure..

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yeah, it's been rough with little to no rain for so long. And the high heat made it worse. I have some Allium bulbs to plant, but I'm holding off until the weekend. This rain tonight is nice, though. :)

Linda Brazill

Could not believe that it actually was raining!

Rebecca R.

Sometimes it's best to take a break from gardening. It lets you go back to it refreshed.

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