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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


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Please tell me you're not also pulling honeylocust seedlings in the summer!
I can't think of anything good to say about all the pods. I wish your turkeys would carry them away or something similar.

Linda Brazill

Now and then it seems a critter rips open a pod for the seeds but we have very few seedlings compared to the number of pods. Plus they are recognizable even when very tiny. I was hoping the turkeys might eat them or eat the jumping worms. No turkeys for a week so I should not even mention them!

Loree / danger garden

Today it was time to take down and dispose of/store the autumn/Thanksgiving I can get all Christmasy. It was really REALLY hard to toss my foraged (from the grocery store parking lot) locust seed pods. They’re so sculptural. I must sound crazy to you...

Lisa at Greenbow

This makes me miss my Locust tree.

Linda Brazill

Feel free to come over and take some pods home with you!

Linda Brazill

I have enough basement room that I store a big wooden bowl of those pods. Put it together a few years ago and decided to just save it rather than doing it again each year. Probably time to refresh it one of these years. As a decoration they really are lovely.


Linda, we do not have locust pods, but on our 1 acre yard in Columbia Co WI, we have many Black Walnut trees. Our place has been in my family for many years, but never have I seen such a crop of walnuts! My husband hauled off over 30 thirty gallon garbage cans full to the yard waste collection site. We listened to them raining down on the roof for weeks. I'm sure a few are still on the ground and available to wildlife, but there were so many that it was hazardous underfoot.

Linda Brazill

A few years ago our neighbors took down a big black walnut that was on their side of the property line. I miss the shade but not the walnuts. I know what you mean about them being hazardous underfoot. I almost fell a couple of times when I stepped on them and they went rolling. The noise is amazing and I always worried about them hitting me when I was working in that area of the garden. I love the taste of black walnuts but they are so difficult to extract that none of us even tried that route. But you are dealing with the equivalent of my pods which are much easier and lighter to gather up and get rid of. Glad I don't have your trees!

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