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Monday, November 06, 2017


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Eliza Waters

Very pretty, Linda. The addition of dark foliage was an inspired choice. Lovely even its faded glory.


As Eliza says, adding the darker foliage was such a good idea, and I like the idea of watching the vase as it ages gracefully. Thnaks for sharing


The dark foliage helps compose a bittersweet farewell to the summer we've tried to hold on to as long as possible. Fall is definitely in the air and, at least here, winter is knocking at the door already. We've had snow falling but not sticking thanks to a cold air mass from the north moving over us. Keep warm!

Loree / danger garden

Beautiful tones in both photos. We still have not had a freeze here, but it is chilly!

Linda Brazill

Woke up to another 28 degree morning!


That the thing I love about real flowers and foliage and even the dried changes, evolves, unlike silk etc. Lovely shades in that Alstromeria, well worth hanging onto.

Kris P

You managed to tone down the summery feel of the indefatigable Alstroemeria and give the arrangement an appropriately autumn demeanor, Linda. I love the shape and color of the vase too. It almost looks metallic in the photo but I'm guessing it's ceramic.

Linda Brazill

Yes, it is ceramic; wood-fired stoneware by our favorite local potter.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

What a stunning Alstroemeria in that peach color....I love the whole vase as all elements work well together....getting a big freeze here finally this week....late for us.

Amelia Grant

I love that and the natural muting of the color tones is emblematic of the season. How late is your first frost?


Beautiful Linda. It's fascinating to notice how flowers fade as they age.


Very pretty, and lovely to make the most of them even as they fade. Love the vase you have used too - its earthy November shade also softens the sugariness, although I don't find the Alstromeria too sweet at all!

Lisa at Greenbow

A beautiful bouquet and really nice photos of it.

Linda Brazill

Our autumn frost used to occur between Sept. 27 and Oct. 3 but it has been moving later in the autumn. This year it occurred on Oct. 28.


Love the speckling on the lilies, they always seem somewhat exotic.

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