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Monday, November 13, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

A brilliant display of the pomegranates. They look so fresh. The fellow dashing the lapin looks like he is taking this job seriously. Happy IAVOM.

Linda Brazill

Now I just have to find a "god" to deal with the marauding turkeys!


I am sure we can all 'pretend' it is a rabbit, if it helps rid your garden of what must be pesky critters (not so here - never seen one in our garden! ;) Oh and maurauding turkeys too...?!!! Definitely none of those ;) I love your pomeganates - and am now planning to buy some myself for winter props. Thanks so much for sharing everything today


What a beautiful offering to the crusher of bunnies. The Chinese folk equivalent of Elmer Fudd? (Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits.) Perhaps this is why the Easter Bunny skips your house.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Linda you always come up with the most creative vases and I love this display and you have inspired me to get a few poms. Great to eat and they make a wonderful holiday display as they ripen.

Linda Brazill

Thank you, Cathy!

Loree / danger garden

How can I follow Peter's comment that had me spiting my coffee as I held back a laugh? Love what you've done Linda.

Linda Brazill

Long ago I accepted the fact that Peter will always have the best — and the last — word. No matter the subject, he is a very clever guy.

Eliza Waters

Cool statue and setting for your pomegranate display, Linda. I love pomegranates too much to let them dry, in fall I can eat them every day - I buy them at the wholesale club by the box!
I didn't know turkeys can be 'marauding' but I reckon they are the equivalent of a 20# chicken and can scratch mighty deeply. Maybe you can borrow a bird dog. ;)


Clever use of pomegranates. I love the rich color. The statue is quite admirable.

Kris P

I love this, Linda. The art figure with his expressive face caught my attention first but I couldn't miss those bright red pomegranates with their jewelry either. Your vast collection of artifacts and your ability to dress them with just the right touches never ceases to impress me.

Cathy Thompson

How beautiful! Do you eat the pomegranates after they have dried? You've reminded me that gardening on terraces has it's advantage - the deer and rabbits don't bother coming up here!

Cathy Thompson

Don't know if my comment went through, Linda - sorry to repeat! Just to say, in case not, the colours and shapes are wonderful. It's a still life as much as a vase.

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