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Thursday, November 30, 2017


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Lisa at Greenbow

Everything looks neat and tidy. All here is also ready for what winter brings us.

Linda Brazill

I always figure if we make it through Thanksgiving with no bad weather, then we've passed the first hump.


Just settled down for a long winter's nap! Nice that you got to do all of this prep work in pleasant weather. Once again I'm reminded of how lucky (lazy) we are here. Most of our pots can stay outside all winter.

Loree / danger garden

One winter I nearly forgot about a big brown (empty) pot that would have frozen and broke for sure, since it was full of water. Luckily I dumped it, and turned it over as you show, just in time.

Isn't it a good feeling to have the prep complete? This weekend we'll clear the gutters and I've got a couple of dig/take cuttings things left to do but things are winding up here as well. Looks like we might get our first freeze next week.

Linda Brazill

They're predicting light snow for next Wednesday but that's too far away to worry about.

rusty duck

Well done for getting everything done. I didn't achieve that but I have drawn a line under it for this year. Sadly the soil has become just too difficult to work. Perhaps we'll get a winter dry spell.. well I can dream.

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