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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


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Loree / danger garden

Stunning views! So does the squirrel damage harm the Lilac? Do they take away the bits they've scratched off?

I can't believe your Amsonia still looks so good! Mine turned to a single stem (the leaves having fallen off) weeks ago.

Linda Brazill

Mostly it seems like they leave the bark hanging there in strips. The tree is 60 years old and only blooms on the very top where it gets sun. But I love the trunks and so we haven't cut it down. Since it's so old i don't worry about the critter damage but it hasn't killed it either.

Lisa at Greenbow

I can't tell you how much I dislike squirrels. UGH they cause so much damage in the garden, specially for potted plants.
I have to tell you I thought of you and your mother load of locust pods this weekend. I saw a herd of deer standing under a locust tree munching on locust pods. Deer would be much worse than turkeys. Just seeing all of that delicious evergreen foliage would be too much to resist.
Your evergreens are gorgeous.

Beth @ PlantPostings

I know. What an incredible day! I went for a hike...and I was comfortable! Even when I took off my gloves! Next week will be too cold for me. Beautiful scenes from your garden, as always. :)

Linda Brazill

I am enjoying driving on dry pavement but I would like a little snow cover for the plants.


A precious snowless and warm stroll in your December garden. Gorgeous!

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