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Monday, December 11, 2017


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Again, I'm in awe of your style. You've definitely achieved "warm, elegant and glowing without glitter!" Love, love, love this!


Thanks for sharing all your little treasures, Linda - I especially love the pomanders. I did buy big bag of cloves one year with the intention of doing something like this but didn't get roind to it... Do they keep for a number of years?

Linda Brazill

Thanks for the kind words. I did have fun going all through the house looking for shiny things to group together.

Linda Brazill

These pomanders are anywhere from 5-10 years old. I keep them in a closed darkish place when it's not winter so they retain their fragrance. But you can roll them in cinnamon and cloves to refresh them as well. It works best if you have a sharp tool like a nut pick to make the holes. Stuffing those cloves in is harder than it looks but a great thing to do while watching TV or listening to music.

Kris P

You have a masterful touch with these vignettes of collectible items, Linda. I imagine they inspire all sorts of interesting discussions with visitors. I admire the pomanders and can imagine (just about) how wonderful they smell!


A festive, sophisticated look for the holidays. Enjoyed seeing your many treasures and especially love that brass vase.

Eliza Waters

Your holiday decor is sophisticated and charming, Linda. So many interesting items to pore over. Adding Mark's photos is inspired!
I was astonished to see that I have the same gold-edged bowl, inherited from my m-in-law. It may have been her mother's before that. I've used it for anything from serving cranberry sauce to displaying potpourri.

Amelia Grant

Lovely collection of memories and goldtone objects - I have some similar inherited items. Your fingers always get really sore after making the clove pomanders!

Linda Brazill

You are so right about sore fingers. I don't think there is any way to avoid that happening when you make pomanders.

Loree / danger garden

Golden perfection, I just love your collection. That vase is quite fabulous and I love the simple contents that let the design itself shine.


You've talked us through a very thoughtfully curated collection pleased I persevered and found you...there appears to be a problem connecting from Cathy's blog this week. My son still has his pomander which we made together many years ago!! Thanks for reminding me.

Barbara H.

Linda, your beautiful display and loving explanation touched my heart. Thank you for sharing the beauty and the memories.

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