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Monday, December 18, 2017


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I love seeing what you do! And I am inspired. I have a bunch of poms we just bought to eat, but why not put them in a bowl? And I have some small red ornaments. Now I just need to find something for some textural and color contrast. Thanks for the inspo!

Linda Brazill

Glad to be of help! I tend to buy them more as decoration than to eat. But the seeds are beautiful when added to salads etc.


Our daughter is a pom fiend. And my son and I will dig out a few seeds every time we walk past one that's been cracked open. The seeds never make it into anything but our mouths! I should snitch some for a salad for our next gathering with friends.


The beaded tree is very nice and the pomegranate bowl is sweet. Your lighted pine cone made my day.

Loree / danger garden

Perfect! And good eye to find those beaded trees, they're fabulous.


Oh I love the sharing of ideas on IAVOM - and I am going to add some battery lights to a pile of fircones as soon as I get some free minutes! AND I have recently bought a pomegranate to dry for future decorative use - not started on my clove covered fruit yet though... Thanks for all your lovely ideas, Linda :)

Kris P

You've done another wonderful job with your holiday-themed displays, Linda! I love the beaded tree for just the reasons you described - it enhances but doesn't overwhelm what's around it. As to the lights around the pine cone as an accent for your collages - brilliant!


The pomegranates are lovely. Enjoy the holidays.

Eliza Waters

Understated elegance in Christmas decorations is hard to come by, but you've managed splendidly, Linda! I love the beaded tree and sequined berries, too. An 18" pinecone is amazing - it looks like white pine, but is that possible?

Lisa at Greenbow

The lights are just the right touch. This, to me, is the season of lights. It is not so christmasy that you can't leave it out until the weather warms. I have a sculpted pine cone that I leave out all winter. No lights on it tho. Merry merry...

Linda Brazill

We have old white pine trees around us but I have never seen a cone that big. I am guessing that it is from a tree that grows elsewhere. No info on it when I bought it a number of years ago.

Linda Brazill

I will put the most Christmas-y things away after NY's but you are right about the pine cone. I think it can stay!

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