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Monday, January 08, 2018


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Wonderful and unique vase.


Great new vase and fun contents!


what an unusual vase, Linda - so it is actually made from bamboo? It must be a very chunky stem to have the space to insert the little glass phial! We don't often see wall displays these days do we, so it's good to have something like this to create such a feature. I like the idea of having bamboo foliage to link with the vase itself

Lisa at Greenbow

What a unique vase. It is a beauty and will remain so when empty. Happy IAVOM.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for pointing out the link between the vase and the bamboo foliage. I had not actually made that connection and it will inspire me to use bamboo in those arrangements in the future.

Loree / danger garden

Wow, that vase is a knock out! Glad you made it yours.


Love the way you have placed the arrangement on the shows up the vase and its contents to great advantage.


What a gorgeous vase and love the plant material you filled it with!


What a lovely vase, and I like the fact it is hanging on the wall--an unexpected touch filled with greenery and berries!

Amelia Grant

How cool and a head scratcher for contents! What popped into my head was a Japanese Iris and foliage, I think the bamboo foliage is the right touch. Stay warm.

Kris P

What an unusual vase! I liked the first arrangement but version #2 is even better in my book - it has an airy quality that balances the more formal line of the vase.

Eliza Waters

Darkening the bamboo is wonderful, bringing out its luster. It definitely calls for long arching stems!

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