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Tuesday, January 09, 2018


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I truly love each and every one! What an amazing gift. We got each other a upright freezer for Christmas/Birthdays ;-) Now after 35 years maybe each and every meal won't come as a complete surprise.


Your collages are fabulous, every single one, and I especially like that your self-portraits include growing/blooming imagery. What a joy it must be to look through your art collection and decide what to display.

Linda Brazill

When you have two artists who have lots of artist friends, there is a big supply of work to display. We "shop the basement" when we want a change. Though I have to admit we never stop making more art (or buying it!).

Lisa at Greenbow

I love the circles injected into your collages. I especially like the collage with the blue dots.
Of course you can do self portraits. FUN.

Loree / danger garden

Wonderful! I can only imagine what enjoyable "all engrossing" work making those collages must be. Personally I think you made the right choice to display only your colleges here. Of course the beauty of that decision is that it doesn't have to be permanent.

Linda Brazill

The ability to change that wall easily is one reason I suggested one display over the fireplace and a second one filling the space next to it. Otherwise we wind up having to change a whole wall when we get bored!

Eliza Waters

A beautiful collection, Linda. I admire how you put things together and I love that you included old photos of yourself - oh those big 80s eyeglasses - we all had them!

Pat Whyte

Imagine my delight when, trying to get over the grey skies doldrums, I stumbled upon your posts! My eyes lit up and I intend to go back and look at your collages many, many times! Haven't decided which one(s) I like best. Love your talents, Linda and Mark!

Pat Whyte

These lit up my day!


That is a wonderful gift. They are so interesting!

Linda Brazill

I'm posting the rest of them tomorrow.

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