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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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Sweet evergreens, so varied in color and foliage. They even look great with white frosting.


It does look nice with that coating of white. The evergreens look even more comforting. Smart of you to go with a few special ones to grow on over the years.
Were the honey locusts there when you moved in? I remember reading about your prior gardens, but don't remember what you started with here.

rusty duck

Your snowy scene is picture postcard perfect!

Linda Brazill

We have the receipt and planting plan from the landscaper for the original owners of the house. So we know what they planted. When the house was built in 1955 the only tree already here was a Bur Oak which is at the end of our driveway. At least 150 years old or so. They planted locusts, maples, spruces, pines, full size Macintosh apples, lilacs, arborvitae. Most were still here when we bought the house in 1994. Some are reaching their age limit and are dying like Austrian pines. The locust that is right off our deck is so big that most people don't even recognize it as a locust!

Beth @ PlantPostings

I'm over in Whitewater with my folks this week. I think Madison got more snow that Whitewater. But Milwaukee sure had a dumping, as did Door County. It's a marshmallow world...

Lisa at Greenbow

I just love the evergreens. We have an OLD birds nest spruce. It is on the side of the house we rarely look at (North). It is quite big. I wish it was around back where I could see it. I might have to plant another back here just so I can enjoy it. I love Hemlocks. I have tried several but they just don't like the heat and drought of summer here. Yours is so pretty. I don't think I have even seen this on offered around here. Stay warm.


I adore all your conifers. If I ever lived in the cooler half of the country, I'd probably go crazy planting as many as I could get my hands on.

Kris P

Your evergreens are wonderful. I love conifers but they're not particularly happy in my area (and ravages by pine bark beetles haven't helped.)

What a swift change in your weather! I hope you're enjoying some warm quality time inside.

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