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Monday, January 22, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

I would love to come into your room and browse through all of those books. When we did some remodeling this fall I tried to thin out some of our books. We took two huge sacks of books to the library for resale, and gave two bags of birding books to a friend who wanted to browse through some "older" birding books. Amazing that we took away so many books and the shelves still look full. Where were all of those books shelved before???

Jane Miller

Looking forward to the reincarnation, before and after is always fun to follow. This time of year is perfect for cleaning out and moving on.

Linda Brazill

For the moment, Mark has built me a work table with sawhorses and a door. But he made it the right height that I can use it standing up so I can figure out if I want that option. He made a scale drawing and cut out all the pieces of furniture I might want to use to scale and we played with layouts. I have to use the room a while to figure out how I want to use it long term before we do anything permanent.

Linda Brazill

So true. No matter how many books we get rid of, we seem to bring new ones in immediately and never really end up with more shelf space.


I greatly admire the way you carefully plan and experiment before doing anything permanent. My glass studio is made up of things that came my way (free things on the side of the road mostly) and I made them work. Happy new studio to you! I'm sure the OBG will be delighted with your gift.


How exciting to have a new studio in your future.

Linda Brazill

Even though it is very makeshift for the time being, it is nice to know there is a place I can leave a mess and not have to clean off the table in order to have dinner!

Kris P

Your guest room turned studio is already charming, Linda. I have a similarly robust collection of garden books, even though I winnowed it down quite a bit when we moved 7 years ago. Strangely, I've no books dealing with flower arranging, although I have a few now dealing with growing flowers for cutting.

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