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Friday, January 05, 2018


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Brr! Too cold. Love the match books and indeed recognize Wild Ginger from Seattle. Keep warm and keep dreaming of spring!

Linda Brazill

Supposed to warm up next week. I certainly hope we get a break from this cold weather. Mark and I were in Seattle in 2000 for a newspaper conf. for me. Went to Asian gardens, Asian antique stores and ate fabulous food.


I agree completely. There's nothing you can do, and by May when there's so much green and growing you won't even remember the cold!
Love the match collection, keep warm!

Loree / danger garden

My eyes went right to the Wild Ginger and Dahlia Lounge matches. I have a few old matchboxes that I too wouldn't dream of using. Oh and I have a matchbook from a hotel in Florence that's actually a sewing kit.

Hope your garden isn't suffering too much. What a horrible state of affairs.

Linda Brazill

Before we went to Seattle, a longtime friend who was a respected Madison restauranteur told us where we should be sure to eat. Great meals all and great memories.

Lisa at Greenbow

I can feel your cold down here. What goes through your area eventually gets here. It is somewhat warmer here today. 15 and supposed to get to 19. I have given up and have jacked up the heat a little. I am sitting here in my office thinking about all the things I want to do in the garden this year. I think this year I am going for color. I want more color in the garden. My brain is in a strain figuring out what all I want to incorporate. If I am able to achieve even half of what I am thinking it will be nice. I love the matches. I remember when you could pick them up at any nice restaurant, even some dives. Back when everyone smoked and it was promoted. It does sort of make you feel warmer just thinking about those little chits of flame. Hang in will get warmer.

Linda Brazill

I'm trying to remember how many times lately I have still seen matches in restaurants. I always loved them even though I did not smoke. Supposedly in the teens and twenties here next week. Maybe we are just swapping weather.


Oh, how I miss Ovens of Brittany! My grandma would take the bus from her side of town and meet me for lunch at Ovens when I was at UW. It was a favorite spot for most of my family members and many friends. I haven't seen many matchbooks lately, though I do try to keep half an eye out.

Beth @ PlantPostings

I understand. I wear long underwear and double socks from November through February. It seems to help, but sometimes I still feel chilled. But today I actually felt warm when I pulled on my parka and went outside to put more water in the heated birdbath. The high was only 12, so I guess that shows how cold it has been until now--that I felt warm today! LOL.

Barbara H.

Behind as usual - it's Sunday here and our cold spell is breaking, at least for a few days. I'll be so happy not to drip the faucets overnight anymore. I like your match collection. It's very colorful and evocative of so many things in the past. I hope you warm up soon.

Linda Brazill

LOL is right! You would not think that amount of difference would be noticeable but it certainly is.

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