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Monday, February 05, 2018


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Even the sun in winter here can be a downer as we only see brown and white and usually the sun means it is very cold. So seeing your bulb bowl filled with a favorite of mine, muscari, was enough to lift my spirits!

Linda Brazill

Sun is attempting to appear this morning but temps are in the negative numbers!


Very sweet and such a nice lift in the middle of winter!


Good to have a glimpse of your gorgeous bulb bowl again so you can be forgiven for sharing your grocery store purchase. They certainly do look as if they might be a different variety - will you plant them into your garden later?

Barbara H.

How lovely! I think it certainly counts as In a Vase on Monday! I'm getting anxious for spring.

Linda Brazill

Yes, I will plant them out in the garden. I think most Muscari varieties are hardy here.

Loree / danger garden

That bulb bowl is wonderful! As are the blooms, of course.

Linda Brazill

I just need to remember to buy some bulbs in the fall to put in there. I also have blue glass bulb vases for Hyacinths that I rarely remember to use.

Lisa at Greenbow

These are a treat. I think they are a blue variety of muscari. I have a pale blue one but don't remember the name of it. Not sure the tag gave a name. What ever these are sweet. They look great in your bulb bowl. I was watching Antiques Road Show the other day and they had an anitque bulb bowl similar to this. I had never seen one before made like this and now here you display yours. Fun.

Linda Brazill

I got my bowl online from the Met Museum shop, a repro of an antique item. I don't think I've ever seen an old one to buy.


Linda, the muscari bring a cheerfulness to Monday--certainly deserving of inclusion in IAVOM. The bulb dish is pretty. Hope you can find some other bulbs to place in it. The weather there must be a challenge for growing. Your winter garden looks wonderful and interesting.

Amelia Grant

The snow garden looks wonderful, the sticks were a great idea! Years ago I worked in Chicago and had to redo Landscape Plans to allow for piling up snow.I think the Muscari bowl is simple and lovely.And AVOM!

Linda Brazill

When my husband and I designed the garden at our first house we were going to put up a lattice wall for climbers. Then winter came and we realized the wall was where we had to pile snow from the driveway. Now we know to think about that from the beginning.

Linda Brazill

I've always lived where there is serious winter weather, so I am used to it. But these days nothing is quite the way it used to be. There is no normal anymore.

Kris P

It's too bad you couldn't use your Metropolitan Museum pot but the clump of Muscari is lovely nonetheless. The house needs a bit of cheer when the skies are gray (although, frankly, I'd rejoice to have gray sky if it brought a bit of rain at the moment).

Eliza Waters

Even if you couldn't use that lovely bulb bowl, it is still a treat to see Muscari in bloom. I have trouble cutting forced bulb blooms, too. I just like to see flowers, regardless of their container. :)


Your museum bowl is gorgeous; but the profusion of blooms in your pot this year is a joy to behold.


Beautiful muscari! One of my favourite spring bulbs, and somewhat under-rated I always thought. They don't get the attention they deserve. Yet the variety of lovely blues and whites they come in make them so charming in my opinion. Your special pale blue one is gorgeous.

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