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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


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Beth @ PlantPostings

That's exciting about the Snowdrops! I have some emerging, too, but apparently the voles enjoyed lunching on them this year. I don't know if I'll get any blooms out of them. On a more positive note, the Daffodils are making great progress and will be ready for the next warm streak. Love this time of year, even though it usually happens in March.


It was a rough winter indeed for evergreen perennials.

The usual mostly-open winters here (western Virginia) make winter foliage more visible and potentially more valuable. With decent precipitation from winter's messy mix, it can a offer a spark of life deep into the season -- in my garden, mostly from ivy, geraniums, and heucheras.

But we went into this winter dry, and early on entered an unusually long, deep, and unrelenting period of sub-freezing temps day and night. Now that there are sprouts and early blooms, it's remarkable how little of the usual company they have.

At least the wheel is turning, as your snowdrops prove! Roll on spring...

Lisa at Greenbow

Nothing more exciting than seeing a bit of green this time of year. My hellebores were brown too. They hadn't done that in some time. Usually they stay green.
I can see how much further south my garden is by seeing your pictures. We have had a couple of firsts this week. First bee seen. It was on the Snowdrops, and first daffodils. The ones right up by the house. Fun fun...


It's a special moment to feel that bit of spring in the air!

Linda Brazill

Another sunny morning. Even that is enough to boost my spirits. I know winter's not over but the end is in sight!

Linda Brazill

Interesting how we can be seeing something similar despite very different climates.


I'm voting for an early spring and an end to the cold! However Ma Nature doesn't often listen to me. Exciting snowdrop discovery in your garden!

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