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Monday, February 05, 2018


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Barbara H.

Oh my, this brings back memories of my younger years. So glad I don't have to deal with below zero weather any more, though we've had a very cold winter for NE Alabama this year.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh February...what can I say. It's my "least-favorite" month and the "longest" here in Madison. I didn't realize it was that cold this morning. I DID notice that the horizon had a very reddish cast--in every direction. "Sailor take warning"? ... No, it's too frozen and cold for that! Trying to think of a silver lining today, and honestly, I'm thinking the only one is staying inside like you are.

Linda Brazill

I am hoping that this cold means no snow. Then I would not be so frustrated with such chilly temps. I don't always look but when Mark told me the early morning temp. it's made me go look every couple of hours.

Lisa at Greenbow

Brrrrrrrr You are getting the winter weather now. I bet your plants will be ok. I am hoping the same. Come on spring!

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