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Friday, March 30, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

What a lucky find. I think it is just right for your new space. You are bringing good chi into your studio.

Barbara H.

Oh gosh, Linda, what a wonderful find.I'm glad you didn't resist and found a good spot for it. It's a keeper.

Jane Miller

Downsizing is necessary but love that you can’t resist a treasure like this!

Linda Brazill

Assuming nothing unforeseen happens, we joke that we should be around for another 20 years (give or take). Neither of us is going to not buy anything for 20 years! We just have to keep editing our collection as it were.


What a great find! If you got rid of several books of garden books and replaced them with this one piece, you're really still downsizing! I remember my mom having an identical pack of gold-eye needles. I wonder if Dr. Seuss had this Sewing Susan in mind when he wrote, "Who sews Sue's socks? Sue sews sue's socks. Who sees who sew whose new socks sir? You see sue sew Sue's new socks sir." Darn it all.

Loree / danger garden

That's wonderful! What a treasure.

Linda Brazill

I was the wrong age for Seuss, so thanks for that intro!

Susan Adler Sobol

This is wonderful! I understand why you couldn't resist it!

Beth @ PlantPostings

That's a really nice piece, Linda. Great find! Now that my kids are gone, I'm planning to turn my son's room into my working office--for writing/editing, sewing, storage, and garden planning. You seem a lot more organized than I am!

Linda Brazill

The bookshelves are organized but not much else.

Magpie Sue

What a treasure! I love the thoughtfulness of the creator in making the holes for unspooling the thread. Definitely a keeper even if you are trying to downsize in other areas. ;-)

Linda Brazill

I thought you would particularly appreciate it.

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