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Monday, March 19, 2018


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What a sweet St. Patrick's Day arrangement filled with memories of two great women and created by a third.

Linda Brazill

What a flatterer you are! But I will accept the compliment on behalf of my mother-in-law and Mary Robinson.


Such a pretty idea, Linda, and what heartwarming information about Mary Robinson - thanks for sharing both

Loree / danger garden

A lovely St. Patrick's Day display and thank you for teaching me something this morning.


Linda this is a lovely tribute to amazing women on St Patrick's day and in time for spring.....I will have to get the book and read more about this amazing woman. Thank you!

Amelia Grant

Love the teacups, arrangement and post about Mary Robinson - wish she could join us! Good luck with the division.

Lisa at Greenbow

Sweet arrangement. I have never heard about this Robinson woman. She sounds amazing. I will have to look up some more about her. Thanks for sharing and Happy IAVOM.

Kris P

The snowdrop-filled teacup is lovely, Linda! I also appreciated the introduction to Mrs. Robinson. Oh, for a President like that!


Great to have (and use) the tea cup as a remembrance. Thanks for the description of Robinson.

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