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Monday, March 12, 2018


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Love those opinions and I agree with them....3rd winter storm coming so we are all white. I need more green indoors and out! Wonderful display.


Great green goddess it's gorgeous! Your big bowl of pears is fab. Thanks for the links to your Roger Banks-Pye interpretations. His interiors are marvelous.

Linda Brazill

We've had most of our snow in Feb. and March which is making winter feel like it's been going on forever.

Linda Brazill

You and I love the more is more school of gardening and decorating and no one does that better than the Brits.

Loree / danger garden

"all greens go together"...I like that, and it's true! This fellow layers his greens nicely:


I love your varied pears in that vase, Linda - and white walls? Ugh, heaven forbid, definitely none of those here!! :)

Linda Brazill

I love TKW and have given his book as a gift a number of times.

Linda Brazill

I am guessing that was your kitchen as the backdrop to today's bouquet and it is stunning!

Noelle favourite colour. Interesting post.


What a wonderful saying - I will remember that! Thank you for sharing the wisdom.

Lisa at Greenbow

A gardener needs green especially during winter. Ribbit, ribbit...

Linda Brazill

I kept looking at a Japanese sculpture of a frog at an antique store, and he was gone when I finally decided to buy him. Now I've bought 3 or 4 frogs and I am sure it's all because I let the really good one get away!!

Kris P

I adore the frog, Linda! I'm also impressed by the pear collection in a jar - you have the most marvelous way of showing collections of things off to artistic advantage.

Eliza Waters

Green plants lift the spirit during our long winters, don't they? I love your pear collection, Linda. They are whimsical and jolly!

Beth @ PlantPostings

The pears in the vase are wonderful, and they work well with the potted plants. I've always loved English Ivy, and I have a ton of it--careful, it will multiply! I put mine (in pots) outside during the summer and bring them in during the winter. I know some English Ivy is hardy to zone 4, but I think even in the colder zones it can be invasive. But it's awesome in vases!

Linda Brazill

I actually have a patch of ivy and one of vinca in my garden. they were the only things I could manage to grab out of my parent's and grandparent's home when it was sold. I have managed to pretty much keep then in bounds but it is an annual chore.

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