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Monday, March 26, 2018


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Its good to have to the meantime I am sure that you are gathering inspiration.

Linda Brazill

Trying to get all my winter projects done so I can play outdoors when the weather changes.


Those are stunning arrangements giving me such inspiration if our snow would melt and we could finally warm...this week it will warm finally into the 40s but next week we are in for cold and snow again...yuck! But little delights are springing up as the snow retreats so I should have something next week even a few crocus or snowdrops hopefully. Hang in there!


I love that last one with the foliage. Very smart.

Linda Brazill

I was talking to my sister in Erie, PA and she told me how much snow they had this winter, so I really shouldn't complain about my weather. And you are in the Finger Lakes, if I remember correctly, so you too get you share of long winters.


Fingers crossed for flowers in your garden soon! In the meantime, these are all gorgeous and arrangements. Lots of ideas for the future!

Linda Brazill

It's probably not good for my morale to be reading all you PNW and UK bloggers in different climates. But I can't help myself. I love to see what other people elsewhere are growing.

Loree / danger garden

Beautiful distractions, while you wait.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I can't wait have bouquets from the garden. I just rescued some old blue Ball jars from my grandmother's basement and I can't wait to fill them with flowers.

Linda Brazill

The blue ones are the best. I can see them with blue Hosta leaves.

Alison Conliffe

OMG, I figured out how to sign in to comment finally! Sorry I'm not the sharpest knife.

Those inspiration bouquets are beautiful! I love the one with the black Hellebores and one yellow one. I see you're on Pinterest too, I just started following you there. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog.

I hope you get some good weather soon and your garden starts waking up with a vengeance, so you can start putting together some real arrangements!

Linda Brazill

You're Peter's friend, right? You have the absolute best illustration/quote as a blog header. I love it.

Alison Conliffe

Yes, I'm Bonney Lassie. Thanks!


Oh thanks for sharing these, Linda - it is good to see 'ordinary' flowers being used this way. I hope you are not waiting much longer for your own

Linda Brazill

Me, too!

Kris P

Your post has me wishing I had lilies of the valley, hellebores and hosta in my own garden. I hope the expected cold weather blast blows right on by and you have the opportunity to put your floral skills to work next weekend.

Lisa at Greenbow

These are some dandy combinations. I can see why you are inspired by these vases.

Amelia Grant

Wishing for flowers from your gardens soon. I love the 'new' florists these days using garden flowers rather than greenhouse roses from South America.

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