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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


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Loree / danger garden

Is there any truth to the saying a watched pond won't melt? ;)

Lisa at Greenbow

Oh yes, this winter and spring will be one to remember. Whew. It is beginning to feel a bit more like spring here too. Still have freezing temps for night temps but at least it it getting into the low 50's for day temps. I love seeing before and after pictures. Your garden is really thawing out...slowly but surely. That pond must thaw so when your mallards return they will have a place to splash around.

Linda Brazill

Last year the ducks came on 3/24. So you are right; they will appear as soon as there is enough open water for them to splash down in.


After this crazy winter you've had maybe it's time to reconsider moving to the Pacific northwest for that next garden. Half the work for twice the results and winter, if we have one, only lasts a week or two. I hope that March continues to go out like a lamb for you.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yes, it's a different year, isn't it? One definite sign of spring: people are reporting butterflies on the Wisconsin Butterflies site. As you say, a few more warm days and things will really start to pop. No snow left here, although apparently the white stuff is in the forecast again for the weekend. Blech.

Lady Locust

That was what we had last year. This year has been slightly milder. What beautiful ponds - can hardly wait to see what flourishes (I'm pretty new to your blog.)

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