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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

You have inspired a project for me today. I haven't placed my order yet this spring. This cold weather has kept my ambitions at bay. I like all of your choices but especially the D. fern. It looks like a special plant with that bit of gold. I wonder if it turns green after the flush of spring gold? I might have to try that one.

Linda Brazill

The new growth is that great gold color but I will have to discover how long it actually lasts. I have Autumn fern and the goldish tones on that last quite a while.


Your restraint in ordering is admirable! Looking forward to seeing where you plant these when they arrive!

Linda Brazill

I've made file cards for each plant and on the back I wrote where I intend to plant them. Now we just have to see if I follow what I was thinking when I ordered them. Plants won't arrive until late April.


Excellent choices! You really find the coolest things to add, I love that poppy-which-looks-likea-fern! I think I saw that somewhere else recently, I bet it was here.
What a good job you do keeping track of your orders and new additions. I need to motivate myself to do the same, but each year I hope for the same thing!

Linda Brazill

I did order a few more things I did not mention but that is very restrained compared to my last few years. Plus I have gift certificates for two local nurseries so more is definitely coming. You know I am a list-maker so that helps with records. But mostly I kept records because I wrote about gardening as part of my newspaper job and I did a lot of garden speaking etc. and people want to know exact names of things.

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