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Wednesday, April 04, 2018


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Thank goodness for the election results. Otherwise, that winter wonderland business would be totally devastating. Hello, Ma Nature, the calendar says spring already!


I couldn’t believe it when they called the race so early in the night. I had fully expected her to lose because the state is a dumpster fire and that’s how things go these days. I guess I should have expected her to win given how much Walker opposed filling those two vacant seats.

I could do without the snow.

Linda Brazill

How lovely to hear from you. Would you believe I was actually thinking about you recently and wondering how you and your family were all doing. Well, I hope. Both Dallet's win and the No vote on the referendum results did surprise me as well. I've gotten so used to being beaten in the last eight years that I could hardly contain myself. Dallet actually got 36% in Waukesha! Here's hoping we're on the way to being a blue state again. Thanks for commenting.

Loree / danger garden

What wonderful news, and what a scary GOP-supported referendum it sounds like that was. I hope Wisconsin's outcome is a reflection of what's to come on the national level. And that your snow melts quickly!

Lisa at Greenbow

How exciting to hear this. I hope the blue wave flows over the rest of the country. I sure hope your snow doesn't tho. When I walked Annie this morning snow flurries came floating by sporadically, mercy, and the wind....Bahhhhhh

Barbara H.

Oh gosh, what good news! So sorry about the bad news weather, but hopefully it will end soon while the good news grows and grows.


Great news about the election! I know my in-laws are thrilled!


I know little of your politics but I do love your garden in the snow xx


Oh My! Winter again. Glad there was some good news to cheer you up.


This was the first spring election where everything I voted for from local to statewide won. Everything. I am so used to spring being low turnout and dominated by right-leaning voters. I was at a local election night party and while we watched the results we had one eye on the Brewers who were losing to St Louis with 2 outs in the ninth and even they pulled out a victory! Definitely made the slushy, wet snow more tolerable in April. It was a great night.

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