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Sunday, April 15, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

Oh no Linda! Will this winter ever end?? Tonight it is to get into the lower 30's and tomorrow night even colder. UGH.... I hope we don't wake to this white stuff and hopefully this will be the last of it. Please say it will be so. All I can do is hope. Big warm hugs to you.

rusty duck

I think you've had your fair share now..

Linda Brazill

Luckily I spent the entire day Saturday with friends at an all-day garden symposium that was fabulous. So that helped mitigate this crazy weather.

Linda Brazill

Our real problem is that we had hardly any snow from Nov.-Jan. and it has all come since Feb. arriving just when we thought it was about over.


Die winter, die!

Dee A Nash

Talk about a post that needs no words. We're just freezing here over and over. The other half of Oklahoma is on fire. Ugh. Spring can't come soon enough can it?~~Dee

Linda Brazill

Hope this is not a sign of climate change and a taste of future April weather.

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

But underneath the snow, the flowers are waiting
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


Oh my, that photo says it all! This has certainly been a crazy spring, hasn't it? We had a few days in the 60's and 70's this week that had me believing spring had finally arrived. But now there's a chance of snow here, too, tonight, sigh... Let's hope this is Winter's last hurrah.

Linda Brazill

We never started to get any real snowfall until Feb. so I think that's one reason it feels like it has gone on forever.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yeah, words are inadequate. This is one of those times when I seriously question why I live here. And then it starts to get very nice out. But this is the latest I remember this kind of repeated bad winter weather in April. Usually it happens in March.


Well don't feel alone - misery loves company. I am in lower middle Tennessee, 50 miles south Nashville and this morning it is sleeting! Stop it Winter, enough already, please go away!

[email protected]


Yikes! It's time to move.


Well, I guess it helps to look at other people's struggle with winter to realize it could be worse. We are a few weeks behind but nothing like your situation.

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