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Friday, April 13, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

So good to see that Fred and Ethel stopped in. This must mean that spring is really here. Our resident House Wren returned today. It is always exciting to hear him announce his arrival.

Linda Brazill

Wed. and Thurs. were nice enough that I worked in the garden both afternoons. Today is rainy and cold and freezing rain forecast for the weekend. I did see things pushing up which was very nice. Sure animated the garden when critters return.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Yay, Fred and Ethel are back! Good on you to track the phenology. I tend to notice the phenological trends and track some of them through citizen science efforts and social media posts, but that's great that you keep records of the same signs from year to year. The two signs that I've memorized over time are the first sighting of hummingbirds and the first emergence of milkweed. The hummingbirds tend to reappear the first week of May (in my shady garden) and the milkweed emergence varies. But when the MW makes its first appearance I know our chances of frost at night are next to zero. That phenological sign likely will be later than usual this year.

Linda Brazill

I think picking a few signs that you will actually notice from year to year is the critical thing. That and keeping some kind of record. The problem with my written journals is that you can't search them like the blog! I think lots of gardeners, hikers etc. all do this just may not realize it is a process that goes beyond their personal notice.


Just this morning, the first day of 2018 that was warm from start to finish, I looked at our frog pool and wondered when "Mr. Frog" would appear. It's surprising to me that I've not recorded that date, and disconcerting that as a result I have no idea when to expect him (really 'them', as there are always several by the time the season gets going). Resolved thanks to you to make a note on the calendar this year.

Birds are madly building nests, but there's not a lot of leafing out yet. Three days of 80F should fix that.

Linda Brazill

It was so lovely yesterday but pretty nasty today and worse tomorrow. They are forecasting freezing rain but I am hoping it misses us. I am going with friends to an all day garden symposium and looking forward to lots of lovely conversation and garden photos. I'm afraid we are back to a holding pattern in weather again.


This made my day!

Linda Brazill

Mine too!

Susan Adler Sobol

As you can see from the other comments - there seems to be quite a group of us who look forward to Fred and Ethel's annual appearance! Punxsutawney Phil is not as reliable as your Mallards!

Linda Brazill

I hope they mean Spring is finally here.

Barbara H.

So glad they are back and that the squirrel is in evidence, too! It was a lucky day for you. We are expecting lots of rain and possible tornadic activity (didn't even know that was a word until recently). It's the 8 am - 2 pm second day of the Master Gardener plant sale (Saturday)so we are hoping it arrives later in the day. I don't enjoy the tornado possibility trips back to my youth after enjoying 30 years in Portland without them. I hope your weather improves quickly now.

Linda Brazill

Seems like the weather is not what we are expecting no matter where we are. I am going to an all day garden symposium and it is in the low 30s, very windy and rainy and maybe freezing rain and here it is the middle of April!!!

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