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Monday, April 30, 2018


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Thank goodness you're finally getting a taste of spring. Both of your displays are gorgeous as usual.

Loree / danger garden

The purple on purple of the iris vase is stunning.


No, it's all good, Linda - I like to see all your treasures and they always add another dimension to IAVOM. When you sed pomegranites sometimes before Christmas I did get round to buying a couple myself and have been drying them, so thanks for that prompt way back! Yur irises are smoulderingly beautiful in the little purple vase

Ali, The Mindful Gardener

I like the deep plums and purples of all these! Lovely irises.

Kris P

I love the deep purple Iris reflected against a background of spring green ferns. Spring seems to be creeping in by fits and starts in many parts of the country, while summer is already making periodic attempts at a takeover here. I hope you see that warm-up soon and that it welcomes more of your garden to reveal itself.


Those iris are a beautiful rich colour. I hope they come back next year for you.

Lisa at Greenbow

My Iris Reticulata is finally blooming too. It is a pale blue and I have forgotten what they are named. I had about given up on them but there they go blooming. I might move mine to see if they like some other place better. Maybe more sun?? I like your vase displays. Always something interesting to see. Cheers.


Your irises have the most delightful color. Wow! The Japanese scoops are intriguing. How would they be used?

Amelia Grant

Love the scoops and beautiful deep colors of Iris (whoever they are) Happy spring. I used to keep Pomegranates like that, need to remember in the fall,so seasonal.

Linda Brazill

I've tended to use those scoops decoratively as here or sometimes I put nuts or dried fruit on them for a party.


Hooray for actual flowers in a vase! I love the lacquer scoops from Japan, what a cool gift. Hope spring keeps on.

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