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Monday, April 23, 2018


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At last spring has arrived in your garden and you won't have to sing the bloomless blues much longer. I love your beautiful blue flowers and your collection of blue ceramic pieces perfectly posing in front of the blue textile backdrop.


An altar to blue.....wonderful ceramics, textiles and flowers too.

Linda Brazill

A Japanese textile and many of my blue and white ceramics all live on the dresser in the former guest room. Now it's my studio so I get to enjoy them daily.


Yes, a lovely blue and white collection all round - and I enjoyed seeing the paperclips as I have an odd fondness for coloured ones!

Loree / danger garden

Congrats! May this be the beginning of many flower filled vases and a beautiful spring.


So glad your spring has arrived Linda! The iris look lovely in your little blue vase and the whole blue and white tableau is delightful!


A perfect early vase....many of the same flowers just opened for me too! I adore them and can't wait to pick a few. Glad the snow is melting.

Amelia Grant

Wow, love your blue bulbs and blue china is my favorite. I collect transferware mostly Willow. Happy Spring hope the snow leaves you alone for a while.

Lisa at Greenbow

Obama looked so young here. A beautiful rendition of At Last. I am so happy for you that the true thaw has begun.

Kris P

I'm glad that some of your plants made the extra effort to bloom despite winter's tenacious grasp on your garden! Blue flowers are especially hard to photograph in my opinion - the color almost always looks off to me.


Yay! Lovely flowers this week Linda. The ceramics are wonderful too.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Love the Iris--I have yet to plant any of the early Irises, so that's a must-do. I always admire them on people's blogs. I'm surprised you still had snow today--most of ours melted on Thursday, and definitely by Saturday. That snowstorm was painful, though. Today felt incredible, and the forecast doesn't show much truly cold weather--even at night. Fingers crossed.

Linda Brazill

The snow was mostly on the north side under evergreens and where we had piled it when shoveling by the door.

Beth @ PlantPostings

We had some by our east-facing evergreens and the north-facing rock garden that took a while to melt, too. But I was amazed at how fast it melted. I was so depressed on Thursday, but glad it melted so fast. Rough April.


I, too, managed to compose my first bouquet from the garden in 2018 on Sunday 4/22. That it was comprised of the lovely but invasive Siberian Squill did not diminish my enthusiasm in the least!I cannot remember a season as long and strange as the Winter of 2017/18.

Linda Brazill

I so agree about the winter and the flowers. Those little Chionodaxa are invasive from someone's garden nearby and they are spreading everywhere. I gave up trying to dig them out. And this year I was glad to see them!


A wonderful collection of blues and I love your little 'Harmony' iris. Glad your flowers are finally showing their faces.

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