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Monday, April 02, 2018


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Barbara H.

Bamboo - it can be a love / hate relationship. I love the way it looks but know it can be so invasive. I don't have any, that I know about (who knows what lurks in the woods) but it has escaped into the countryside in this area and becomes an impenetrable wall of green. If you are having to use an ax to root prune, it sounds like the time has truly come. Good luck getting it out.


Well, at least it had one last good showing for IVOM. Mark did do a good job of giving it just the right amount of airiness. I am still early in my gardening journey, but I can see what you mean. The longer you do it, the more apparent it is what should be added and what should go.

Loree / danger garden

I'm finding it easier to get rid of problem plants and non-performers as well, it's much easier when you've got other mature plants to enjoy.

Linda Brazill

Plus, after a certain age you just don't want to waste time or space on plants that aren't giving you more pleasure than pain!

Linda Brazill

There are other less problematic things I can put there but maybe I'll just let those little iris fill in as they are so easy.

Linda Brazill

Even though ours is clumping and not a runner, after a dozen years it is a pretty big clump and densely rooted.


What a stunning wall vase....and the perfect foliage to complement it with the bamboo.


Mark's Monday vase is a nice send off for this bamboo. It was nice while it lasted but letting the iris take over sounds like a great idea!

Lisa at Greenbow

Oh I just hate having to eliminate a plant that I really like but I understand your plight.
Mark did good with this arrangement. The vase looks great filled. Happy IAVOM.


The bamboo is so perfect for that vase that it's hard to imagine what else would work in it. What other plants have you used?

Best wishes for success extracting the roots with a minimum of resources expended. I'm trying to reduce the footprint of a decades-old clump of Miscanthus, and it's slooow going with a small stainless axe and rubber mallet.

Magpie Sue

The bamboo looks right at home in that wall vase!

Kris P

It's always sad to remove a plant even when it's clear it has to be done. I hope you manage to use more of those lovely golden branches before it's gone.


I love that arrangement. Very effective. Hope the bamboo recovers quickly. :)

Eliza Waters

Clumping grasses are hell to dig out. I have a 20+ yr.old miscanthus which is about 15' across and will take a backhoe if it is ever removed. The thing will outlive me, for sure. ;)

Linda Brazill

We got the vase around Christmas and I think we've only used it once before this. We haven't grown any big grasses in this garden so thanks for the info on Miscanthus. I think grasses are more work than the nurseries or catalogs really indicate.

Linda Brazill

Your comment and Nell's really have me thinking about being very careful I don't solve one problem with another plant. I don't really have any big grasses in the garden and now I am glad.


Oh a most fitting and stylish epitaph for the bamboo.


In fairness, the Miscanthus 'Silberfeder' has made a real contribution for almost 25 years with only one annual chore, the late winter cutback. It's bloomed like clockwork in September with the promised silver feathers, and stayed upright through winter in the teeth of strong winds. But it's tall, and in recent years has been leaning outward just from its own mass.

Planted the same season as 'Silberfeder', two Misc. 'Morning Light's haven't outgrown their space, and are much more refined. (The variegation may contribute to nice, restrained growth.) ML is at the upper end of what gardeners with space constraints should probably consider; my garden's in an open setting. There are a lot of smaller but still substantial grasses offered now that weren't available in the mid-90s.

Kris P

I just noticed mention of your birthday on another blog, Linda. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you're doing something nice to celebrate despite the nasty weather in your part of the country.

Linda Brazill

Met former co-workers for breakfast and my monthly art group for coffee and Mark made me a lovely dinner. Decided it was a night for staying in.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for the additional info.

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