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Monday, April 16, 2018


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There is a certain beauty in your snowy decking, but here's hoping spring comes to you soon!

Susan Adler Sobol

I love the photograph of your snow covered deck. It reminded me of a Lucio Fontana. You have that special gift of an artist's eye. Spring is here. It's just experiencing a little difficulty in fully breaking through!

Lisa at Greenbow

So sorry for your misery. It is miserable here too. Cold windy, snowing as I type. It won't stick but just seeing it is disheartening. Here is to IAVOM anyway.


Maybe you will have to don the mask and go outside and do your sunny warm weather dance....


I am with you if we don't turn a corner to warm weather soon....I do not want to see any more snow...not even a flake, although your picture is very artsy.


The black and white graphics are a lovely January sight. Oh wait, it's April. Sorry for your continued winter weather. We had record breaking rainfall over the weekend. What a crazy spring.

Loree / danger garden

I've been kept inside by cold and rain, I can't imagine dealing with snow at this point on the calendar, you have my heart-felt sympathies.


I love your patterned decking too - we can find all sorts of things in our gardens when we look, can't we?


Snow is the reason I moved to Washington state from Massachusetts after enduring it for more than 55 years. I should have done it sooner, what a fool I was. I briefly considered putting some dead sticks in a vase this week, maybe you could try that?

Barbara H.

Just like everyone else, I am so sorry for your never ending winter pain. Hopefully, spring will come soon.

Kris P

The weather has been brutal in your part of the country! Snow is pretty but I imagine you're thoroughly tired of it by this point.

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