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Monday, April 09, 2018


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Oh no I am sorry to hear your weather was as dismal as ours has been although we are moving out of the freeze and into spring finally this week. Your display is a wonderful color to's to both of us finally seeing spring flowers and spring warmth.

Ali, The Mindful Gardener

Oh no! Snow is just tedious in spring, isn’t it?


When the weather lets up perhaps you'll enjoy your outdoor garden even more. I like the alder branch finish to the carrot.

Linda Brazill

I love that branch, too. Such a clever idea. And you are right. I will be in heaven when I can get outdoors again.


Your carrot is fantastic. Love the title and the display with the oranges & table runner. Sincere sympathy on your wintry weather and hope the sweetness of spring arrives at your place soon!


Well done Linda - this is a great example of thinking out of the box when times are lean for blooms. I keep emphasising that it doesn't have to be blooms, but perhaps some people might feel a fake carrot was 'cheating' - I certainly don't!! What is it about carrots and Easter though? Or is that just a thing of Mark's?! ;)

Loree / danger garden

Oh that carrot is fabulous! Unlike your weather. Ugh. While we had a fairly mild winter our spring has been so cool that things are way behind here. I'm not complaining, just observing.

Eliza Waters

A fun little carrot! Do you grow them in your garden? I just used up my last storage carrot yesterday. They made it until April, not bad!
We're still in the grips of below average temps, but are looking forward to warmth coming at the end of the week (hopefully).

Linda Brazill

The sun is breaking through the clouds so looks like this snow may disappear rather quickly.

Linda Brazill

I love how quirky that carrot is, but it is probably about 18 in. long making it hard to store. And I don't have any branches that could replace those alders as nicely.

Linda Brazill

Alas, not enough sun or empty space for veggies here. Hopefully it will warm up later this week so I can get some cleanup done outdoors.

Linda Brazill

I think one year I saw carrot shaped candy at Easter and got them as a joke for Mark. And then I started seeing decorative carrots. Now I have enough that I usually work them into some kind of spring/Easter display. And you are right about thinking outside the box. I have floral china and jewelry etc. so someday they will all eventually make it into a Monday post.


Just over a hundred years ago, my grandmother's April 10 wedding was "graced" by a freak snow, so I knew it could happen here (western Virginia). But it was still a shock to wake up to a (completely unpredicted) three-month blanket this morning.
It's cold and grey enough that the melt is going slowly, too; not the usual laugh-about-it-by-midday spring snow. Only the fact that we badly need to build up soil moisture keeps me from getting grumpy about this long and indefinite extension of winter, and snow's also a big improvement over recent non-stop winds.

Linda Brazill

I have to agree with you about the groundwater replenishment. Though I have been complaining about the late snow, in the long run I am OK with it for that very reason. I went looking back at my blog posts for April for the last 9 years and saw that it is only the last few years that we've had Aprils without multiple snow storms. A nice year or two and we think that's the way it's always been and will be.

Kris P

Storage is always the snag! I'm sorry that Winter still has you firmly in its grip! We're currently receiving an untimely visit from Summer. (Tt's just after noon here and already 85F.) I'm willing Summer to move along in your direction to warm things up for you and release Spring. (That's beginning to sound like the basis for a fairy tale, isn't it?)


Love your sharing your joy of are probably the first to post a 'fake carrot'! At least you have shown that despite the snow in April you are with us all and we with you on this Monday. Have a good week.

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