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Thursday, April 12, 2018


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A dear friend gave me a subscription to Gardens Illustrated for Christmas and now I'm hooked. The lists are interesting but we probably all have our own top 100 plants that work with our climate, temperament (ability to be neglected in my case) and personal taste. Enjoy the anticipation of spring which is sure to arrive soon!

Linda Brazill

It is a great magazine and you are certainly right that we all have our own lists. Our pond finally opened all the way yesterday, just about a week later than the prior latest date.

Beth @ PlantPostings

I like the idea of dividing the list into categories--both for the person creating the list and for those who are simply curious or wanting to consider new plants. It would be a fun exercise to compare lists with gardening friends--but difficult, since conditions and tastes keep changing. I have trouble listing favorite plants, because...there are so many. :)

Lisa at Greenbow

This sounds like a winter project. Sit around and think of all the plants you love to grow. I like the idea of having them in groups. I have a sensitive fern in my garden and it is Onoclea sinsibilis, but it doesn't look like yours. Strange.


I'm thinking I didn't get this issue yet. Grrrrr.

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