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Thursday, May 31, 2018


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Lisa at Greenbow

Despite all the heat and drought your garden is soldiering on. The clematis looks lovely going up the pole. It is so full. I can imagine the flush blooms on a more normal year. Maybe your fancy garlic will reproduce for you. The Lady Slipper is adorable. Those rascally rabbits...have chicken wire will garden.


What gorgeous blooms you have right now! A friend gave me a baby Guernsey Cream from her plant, but it never bloomed, and finally has not come back this year. I need to order one. They are so lovely!

Barbara H.

You are so adventurous with your plantings, Linda. I admire that. I admire even more that you can remember their names!


Congratulations on your success with the lady slipper orchids! The amount of growth brought on by your recent high temperatures is impressive. Fingers crossed for a milder summer for you!

Linda Brazill

I heard the hybridizer of Guernsey Cream speak in Madison many years ago. He is a clematis breeder and lives on the isle of Guernsey.

Linda Brazill

Because I was a professional garden writer and speaker for many years, I kept and continue to keep good records. I can't always remember plant names when I am walking around the garden with someone but I know i have it in my plant file.

Linda Brazill

One of our former neighbors had a huge old lady slipper orchid. Once I saw it in his garden, I decided to give it a try on the assumption that my microclimate might be similar enough.

Mya Anderson

Linda, I just discovered your blog after your posts to Wisconsin Hardy Plant Society on Facebook. What an amazing garden you and your husband have created! Thank you for sharing all the "Odyssey" steps in detail. My husband and I have also been audaciously improving the garden we acquired in 2005 just south of Verona. I loved your comment about being on vacation at home. It is indeed a gift to see what thrives and changes each day.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for those kind words. I am loving the WHPS Facebook posts. Discovering all sorts of new folks and answers to garden problems as well.


It's the only Clematis I've grown, and it was a "clockwork" plant -- always blooming during Garden Week in Virginia (last week of April). The metallic seedheads that followed were even more appealing than the blooms.

It wasn't in an ideal location -- too hot and dry, so didn't survive drought during a long period of neglect (the 'I Blame Dick Cheney' years). Yours inspires me to try it again, in a better spot.

Linda Brazill

Seymour Hersh, who’s written excellent books on Watergate, the My Lai masacre etc, is working on a book about Dick Cheney. Can’t wait!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Your headline says it all. Things are changing by the hour now! I'm hoping the summer will be more "normal" than the spring was. Your Lady Slipper Orchids are gorgeous! I remember seeing them at The Ridges in Door County and a few other wild locations. Your garden is amazing!

rusty duck

Another vote for the Lady Slipper Orchid, it’s just fabulous. I know what you mean about the season going past so fast. Exactly the same has happened here. It’s another reason why my daily tour of inspection has become a must do.

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