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Thursday, May 03, 2018


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Barbara H.

Spotting the first unfurling of the ferns is always so exciting. I need to go check on some of mine!

Linda Brazill

We've had rain for the last two nights but this morning was the first time I'd noticed them. Nothing like a bit of rain to make things pop. And nothing like fern fronds unfurling!

Lisa at Greenbow

I would agree that if a first year plant survived this awful winter they are in the right spot. It is thrilling to see a plant rise up from the dead so to speak.

Linda Brazill

Rise up from the dead describes it exactly. I planted a couple of things that I found versions hardy to zone 5 but I don't think they are going to reappear.


I'm so glad these survived for you. Fern fronds popping up always bring to mind the movie Alien. Something about their resemblance to the alien's head... Happy invasion!

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