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Monday, May 28, 2018


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What an intriguing tree foliage color...and I love the tulip you chose!


That's really lovely and so simple. I thought when I first started participating in this meme that I would make big overblown displays of flowers, but I've found myself paring it down as the weeks go on, even though the flower production in my garden is ramping up.


Isn't it grand when a combination works so well. I'm glad you captured such an exquisite moment in your vase today.

Amelia Grant

Amazing foliage color and a wonderful combination.


A splendid combination.

Loree / danger garden

Excellent color play!


What's wonderful is the way 'Madras' harmonizes with the beech leaves at each stage. Excellent find!

Lisa at Greenbow

I am always amazed that you find such good combinations of colors for your garden. Well done!


How clever to match your subtle Madras tulip with your purple beech leaves - a sophisticated combination.

Kris P

What a pretty tree! It was inspired on your part to plant that tulip underneath it - you couldn't have designed a better complement.


What a lovely colour combination, and a bamboo vase is the perfect receptacle

Magnolia Darjeeling

I LOVE trees with darker foliage. I think they provide a striking contrast with other flowers and lighter foliage.

Linda Brazill

Always a pleasant surprise when one's ideas in the garden actually work out!

Lee Melahn

Your aesthetic and gardening ability is always inspiring.

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